Why choose Liferay?


Liferay is one of the most renowned and leading enterprise portal, that too an open source portal. Also, it has secured a large and consistent customer base across a number of industries. Several companies have also emerged to build and provide innovative and unique solutions to the customers regarding Liferay consulting and Liferay migration or any other issue related to Liferay portal. Liferay has a unique and innovative approach towards building web experiences and towards establishing a good relationship with the employees and customers across different spheres.

The Liferay Development Company has made is easy and simple to get a complete view of the relationships between the customers and the employees and to tailor the whole experience from beginning to end. Almost all the experienced companies have unanimously approved on the fact that Liferay is the leading and most preferred enterprise portal platform and that is because of the number of benefits which they get by using Liferay. Here are the main reasons why the companies prefer and trust Liferay over any other portal:-

  • Innovation and Competence:-Liferay is very consistent in its service and performance. It has helped Liferay to achieve the top position amongst all the other portals. The other reasons behind this are its strengths and innovations in collaboration, in the whole open source community, in the process of web content management and also in document management.

  • Out of the Box Thinking and Approach: -The functionality of Liferay is very out of the box in comparison with the other competitors in the market. This has been possible because the functionality works around the core portal, collaboration, content management, social media, mobile, and many things more.

  • Low TCO: - The Total Cost of Ownership or TCO is very low rather the lowest in comparison with the other portals. Your saving will starts from the very beginning and it continues through all the costs of development, operations, support, and training. To deliver and provide basic functionality you can add extensions and more with Liferay, that too within a fixed budget. Also, it requires very little amount and effort to install Liferay and to maintain it.

  • Customization:-Liferay Development Company has developed Liferay with certain extension plug-in model and hooks which enable its users to customize it in the way they want and tailor it according to their requirements without upgrading it or revamping it from the scratch each and every time.

  • Great business Agility:-In nature, Liferay is of a lightweight that enables the users to configure it, to secure it and to implement it fast. For the business owners, it is very important to meet their objectives of the business and to help to achieve that goal, Liferay enables them to tailor, configure and develop the functionalities of Liferay. Liferay provides extensive choices in terms of application servers, operating systems, and databases. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to leverage your own infrastructure and skills.

To provide the best services and features, Liferay is ever evolving and it continues to innovate and grow with time.