Mobile Application For Power Consumers



Our client is one of the Asia’s largest integrated power company with a significant international presence. From Fuel and Logistics to Generation and Transmission to Distribution and Trading-exploring various renewable sources of energy globally, they now have a significant presence in wind,olar, hydro and geothermal energy space.


Business Need

This Enterprise customer wanted to build a consumer mobile application. This application will be the principle tool for the consumer to know their energy consumption, pay & view their bills, get energy saving tips, Grievances & Feedback, Outage Intimation & Status, participate in demand response program and Remote connection/disconnection of load. This app will have to be compatible with smart phone operating systems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows etc.



-The existing portal was developed by a third party company using MS .Net and deployed in IIS server.
- As per their production operations team they had multiple DB failures and the system was not meant for high scalability to support huge set of consumers.
- There were no REST Webservices available for the mobile apps to obtain the data from the middleware.
- The current production setup was hosted in a small data center which did not have the facility for high availability/scalability/performance.
- Promotion and creating awareness among consumers about the mobile application and its usage


Benifts Expected by the customer

-Consumer delight by providing this handy & cognitive tool
-Brand propagation & advertising by setting new trend
-Offer promotional schemes of Demand Side Management for consumer sensitization
-Saving peak power and reduction in purchase of merchant power in multiple languages.
-Enabling Participation of consumer in demand Response
-Getting ready for the future markets of real time pricing which involves consumer participation (i.e. Time of Day tariff)
-Opens opportunity for new business concept like prepaid power connection & Real time Distributed Generation purchase through micro Grid
-To be competitive by setting new trends & benchmarking practices
-To stabilize the peak load demand by facilitating speedy and swift interaction with consumers.
-Improvised power restoration process and reducing pressure on consumer
-Being Proactive for dynamic energy markets, because of Smart Grid initiatives
-Driving force for other Smart grid initiatives & Visualization by consumer
-Gravitate the power distribution market for Private utility inplanned cities

Envisaged Savings

-Global studies shows that a consumers who are aware of their consumption pattern ends up saving 15 – 20% of energy
-The projected consumption for direct consumers excluding Transport for FY2013 is 2261 MUs
-Considering a very conservative figure of 5% savings as against the global figure of 20% the total savings from direct consumers will be around 113 MUs during peak time which is quite substantial
-The average total calls per day handled by the Call Centre is 1600 commercial calls and 1000 Technical calls
-80% of Total technical calls from Consumers need 3 SMS Messages per call.
-The call flow can be reduced by 25% with reduction of 20% Manpower

Implemantation Steps

1. Development of mobile application with few modules like Energy
consumption pattern and Billing modules (SAP-CRM Integration)
2. Launching a pilot project for key consumers
3. Integration with OMS, AMI
4. Launching full-fledged application

Implemantation Methodology

-Agile / Scrum Development
-Small software releases with rapid cycles
-Early testing to ensure greater accuracy
-Quicker adaptation to changes
-Continuous integration
-Test Driven Development

Technology Overview

JQuery mobile - Seriously cross-platform with HTML5. jQuery mobile framework takes the "write less, do more" mantra to the next level: Instead of writing unique apps for each mobile device
or OS, the jQuery mobile framework allows you to design a single highly-branded web site or application that will work on all popular smartphone, tablet, and desktop platforms.

Phone Gap

-To develop cross-platform applications.
-Uses Web Kit as the rendering engine.
-Use HTML/CSS/JS to develop deployable apps.

Testing Strategy for Mobile App
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We were successfully able to demo the Proof of Concept and were also successful in convincing the customer to go ahead with the proposed Amazon cloud infrastructure as in page no. 5