Board Of Directors

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team"

Mohamed Ali


Have 15 years of Experience in the IT Industry with Master in Information Technology with knowledge that encompasses 10 years of extensive and diversified expertise in developing various web and JSR-286 based portal applications for spanning all the phases of SDLC. Excellent Domain knowledge like Travel, Healthcare, Cloud Computing and Media. He worked in many projects across different MNCs like Xerox, Tech Mahindra, AECL and executed Liferay portals for Govt. of Malaysia.

Halilur Rehman


Having 18+ years of experience in IT industry and worked in Liferay Portal Development in L&T , AECL etc. Prior to this he has experience as Corporate Trainer in Malaysia for more than 12+ years.

Gnaniyar Zubair


Have 15+ years of experience in the IT industries. PrimarilyDeveloping Liferay Portal Applications. Have done large and complex Government based projects with multiple clients and the successful initiation, execution & delivery of projects with reputed organizations. High-level leadership and mentoring ability. He worked in Tech Mahindra, Al-Elm, AECL etc.

It’s not about ideas It’s about making ideas happen !!!