OpenLDAP on Ubuntu



Step 1:

Open terminal:

Step 2:

arif@arif-laptop :-$ sudo –s

[sudo] password for arif:

Step 3:

root@arif-laptop:-$ apt-get install slapd ldap-utils

Do you want to continue [Y/N]: Y

Step 4:

It will open LDAP package configuration:

then enter ok.

Step 5:

then enter ok.

Step 6:

.it will load

Starting openLDAP slapd

Processing triggers for libc-bin . . .

ldconfig deferred processing now taking place

 root@arif-laptop:-$ ldapsearch –Y EXTERNAL  -H ldapi :// -b cn=config  press enter.

Step 7:


root@arif-laptop:-$ dpkd-reconfigure slapd

press enter.

Enter no.

Step 8:

Give domain name (i.e)  ex:(dc=esquare,dc=com)

then enter ok.

Step 9:

Give organizational name (i.e) esquare

then enter ok.

Step 10:

Give administrator password and

enter ok.

Step 11:

Give confirm password and

Enter ok.

Step 12:

Select BDB and

enter ok.

Step 13:

Enter no.

Step 14:

Enter yes.

Step 15:

Enter no.

Step 16:


Step 17:

Open new terminal:

arif@arif-laptop :-$ ldapsearch –x –b dc=esquare,dc=com  press enter

Step 18:

.it will load

dn: dc=esquare,dc=com


dn: cn=admin,dc=esquare,dc=com


Description: LDAP administrator

#search result

Search: 2

Result: 0 sucess


#numEntries: 2

Step 19:

create one example.ldif file



objectClass: organizationalUnit


Step 20:

root@arif-laptop :-$ pwd


root@arif-laptop :-$ ldapadd –x  -W –D  “cn=admin,dc=esquare,dc=com” –f /home/arif/Documents/example.ldif  enter

Enter LDAP Password: **** ((i.e.,) ldap administrator password) enter

then, it will adding new entry ..

(i.e.,) adding new entry ou=People,dc=esquare,dc=com

root@arif-laptop :-$ exit



Step 21:

Go to “Ubuntu softwares center”

Search Jxplore and click install

Step 22:

Now, open Jxplore

Go to File click connect

Type :

Host :

Base Dn: dc=esquare,dc=com

Then click ok.


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