Registration Module

Student, Instructor and Admin (Company Admin)

Geo Location

Currency based on the country

Course Module

Create Course, Schedule Course and Clone Course

Course Artifacts

Syllabus, Course Document, Announcement, Blogs, Discussion Board, Wiki, Grade, Course Contact, Related Resources, Exams, Quizzes, Assignment

Payment Module

Shopping Cart, Mutiple Purchase, Group Purchase, Pay using Rewards points

Payment Mode

COD, Paypal, CCAvenue

Course Conduct and Attend

Fully customized applications with rich user interface.

Promotion Module


Create general coupon, Create coupon based on specific courses, Create coupon based on specific users, Create coupon based on specific country , coupon expiry based on number of times used or coupon expiry based on date.


Loyalty, Manual, Performance

Performance Rating Module

Student Rating

Performance rating for student based on the results/grades from Assignment, Quiz and Exams

Performance tracking for student

Instructor Rating

Pickup Student feedback to calculate Instructor rating

Pickup Student feedback for all sections to calculate Course Rating

Performance tracking of instructor by Admin

Tax Module

Tax configuration based on the country

Social Media Plugin Module (Janrain integration)

Login with Facebook

Login with Yahoo

Login with LinkedIn

Login with Google+


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