E - commerce

E-commerce is essentially doing any method business electronically. One thing to keep in mind though, E-commerce is not only about technology--it is about your business. The industry has grown to become quite an important part of all businesses today, and is absolutely the future of shopping. This method is preferred to many business owners because it reduces the cost of doing business.

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Esquare acquires Keystone Logic

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E - commerce

E-commerce can be a fully integrated solution or a technical "front-end" to a business that otherwise isn't wired. You can advertise for your offline store online and drive traffic to it, or you can offer your customers to purchase from your store online. Today, millions of businesses are linked online and it has proved to be very beneficial financially.


Take these statistics: 57% of consumers are likely to take action based on the information from a brand representative, and 62% of consumers have indicated that information from a brand representative would be more valuable than advertisements or promotional materials. Shoppers can visit the Web site at their convenience to find the information they need to purchase a product.


We at Esquare understand the complexities of an E-commerce portal and provide a simplified solution in building a robust E-commerce portal which is scalable. We provide solutions which include technologies like Magento.

Features of E-commerce

  • Online Shopping.
  • Online Banking.
  • Order Tracking..
  • Shopping Cart.
  • Payment Cystems.

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