Road Accident Statistics and Street Issues Reporting Application



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Business Need

Client wants to build a complete portal to provide the information for the Citizens of Malaysia where the government wants to promote transparency in government activities and services.



-The existing portal had limited features wasn't flexible and extendable to address client's business needs of showing transparency in government activities and services


Client chose Liferay as the technology platform and selected esquare as the execution partner to build the state of the art Portal which includes the following modules

Esquare provided end to end solution covering right from requirements, to architecture, to development, to testing support and eventual release.

Road Accidents Statistics Module

The system comprises of 2 applications called Road Accident Statistic and Safety Advisory Portlet (RASSAP). This particular portlet depict information of road accident statistic and featured with road safety advisory.

User will be able to get information of road accident statistic on yearly basis throughout states in Malaysia. Information of road accident statistic includes categories, comparison and depicted in various forms such as table, pie, chart and graph.

Street Issues Reporting Module

Fix My Street Portlet (FMSP) is a portlet which is enables users to report any street problems or any update status regarding street matters in their place. Any problems that has been reported or updated will be send out to the department concerned which then, the actions will be undertakes.
Furthermore, users also can do uploading any road/street’s photos that related in their reports. It also displays the recent reported problem and the status of the reported problem. There are two types of finding reported problem by postcode or by street name and city.

Key Features

- Fully customized applications with rich user interface
- Graphical chart like pie chart, bar chart using Google Chart to show the government spending dynamically by selecting their search criteria.
- Dynamic security with user authentication at various levels


Achieved the goal of showing transparency in government activities and services for the Citizens of Malaysia


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