Trip Planner Application using Webservices



Our client is a fully integrated e-business service provider which provides end-to-end business solutions to organizations, business entities and government agencies. They provide highly flexible solutions that are adaptable to your business processes and infrastructure ensuring seamless integration with your existing applications so you can optimize your IT investment.


Business Need

Client wants to build a trip planner application to provide the information for the Citizens of Malaysia and other countries to plan their trips based on their point of interest .



The existing application had limited features wasn't flexible and extendable to address client's business needs of planning the trips based on the point of interest.



Client chose Liferay as the technology platform and selected esquare as the execution partner to build the state of the art Portal which includes the following modules

Esquare provided end to end solution covering right from requirements, to architecture, to development, to testing support and eventual release .

Trip Planner is an application that consists of (two) 2 portlets which are the Trip Planner and Travel Itinerary. The general purpose of these portlets is to provide user with trip planner that pro duces efficient travel itineraries.

Act as an online platform where user can create their trip, find trip location and get information about the interesting place around Malaysia based on point of interest application which is another application which m anages the point of interest based on the Place and areas using webservices .


Key Features

- Fully customized  applications with rich user interface
- Graphical chart lik e pie chart, bar chart using Google Chart to show the government spending dynamically by select ing their search criteria.
- Dynamic security with user authentication at various levels



Achieved the goal of planning the trips based on the point of interest application using Webservices


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