Case Study

Security Solutions for National Panchayath Portal

Business Need

Client wants to build a robust portal with a stringent Security solutions for a Government Portal dealing with National Panchanyats with multilevel hierarchy for Taluks, Districts and States.


The client was using Liferay CE for the development of the Portal. The proprietary solution was lacking the following features Liferay CE provides limited security but the client wants much secured Hacking and Hijacking data needs to be protected Multi-Site needs to be incorporated for multi-level hierarchy

Key Features

  • Dynamic security with user authentication at various levels.
  • Complete Security system built from scratch certified with OWASP standards.
  • Salt (cryptography) for sending the passwords to avoid any hacker's attacks during the transfer phase.
  • CSRF (Cross - Site Request Forgery) to avoid any hacker's attac ks with respect to duplicating URLs.
  • Multi site feature for implementing the multilevel hierarchy for Taluks, Panchayats, Districts and States.

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