Case Study

Company Intranet Portal

Business Need

Our Client has recently developed a Capital Works policy. This is to formalise the governance around the process for schools to undertake any capital works projects. (For example, new school buildings or renovations) as there are many capital works projects undertaken by the schools, a stricter process to approve and manage these works is required by the central administration.


The online Capital Works solution will become a new function within the finance portal and will be relatively stand-alone. Each school will be able to create and process their own Capital Works projects and these will be centrally managed and approved. The Capital Works process consists of 10 stages, each project there are 10 stages of governance that the project will need to follow.

Key Features

  • Fully customized application with rich user interface
  • Dynamic securities for different roles
  • Roles based permission to approve/decline the form
  • School Regional base access to BM, RM and RD
  • Form locking/unlocking will be applied to each section of the form to ensure that the form sections are completed in the correct sequence

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