Hook - Customizing Login


What is Hooks.? Hooks, allow overriding the portal core functionality. Hooks is a feature to catch hold of the properties and JSP files into an instance of the portal as if catching them

Why choose Liferay?


Liferay is one of the most renowned and leading enterprise portal, that too an open source portal. Also, it has secured a large and consistent customer base across a number of industries.

Inter Portlet Communication


There are 3 ways to share the data between 2 portlets. 1. Portlet session 2. IPC Mechanisms Public Render Parameters Event Client-Side IPC 3.Cookies Example: Event Inter

Why use Mobile Apps


A few years earlier, E-commerce was a budding platform where you can buy, and sell your products on a virtual platform. Now even a step ahead, this platform has shifted from being a website

OpenLDAP on Ubuntu


Step 1: Open terminal: Step 2: arif@arif-laptop :-$ sudo –s [sudo] password for arif: Step 3: root@arif-laptop:-$ apt-get install slapd ldap-utils Do you want to continue [Y/N]: Y

Multi-Colour Themes


In Liferay 6.1 Quick note is an Default Portlet is there from That Portlet Three buttons are placed on Top right corner of the portlet, in that if user may click one button whole portlet colour was

Liferay SSO Integration


1. What is SSO Single sign-on (SSO) is a property of access control of multiple related, but independent software systems. With this property a user logs in once and gains access to all systems

Benefits of Liferay


Liferay has set its main focus on the developers and for that, this platform has been rebuilt for a couple of time. Liferay Development Company has made all the versions in such a manner

It’s not about ideas It’s about making ideas happen !!!

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