Benefits of Liferay


Liferay has set its main focus on the developers and for that, this platform has been rebuilt for a couple of time. Liferay Development Company has made all the versions in such a manner which will be easy to build and to maintain. Here are some key benefits of Liferay:-

  • Lean and Simple:-Liferay, compared to other alternatives is simpler and leaner. The latest version boasts of a modular architecture which is streamlined. The ways which used here to create applications and extensions follow the de-facto standards thoroughly. So, the developers are now being able to use the knowledge which they already have efficiently and even out outside Liferay. It is also called leaner as the administrators and developers can easily remove the parts they want. This results in better performance, reduces the times of start-ups and the footprints of memory and also facilitates deployment.

  • Paradigm of Modular Development:-After the latest Liferay migration, you can now enjoy the benefits of complete modular development and a proper runtime system following the OSGi standards. You can now even create new applications of any kind with Liferay by reusing and composing the existing modules. These modules are not difficult to understand either. A single module is generally distributed in the form of a JAR file. There can be a single module in a single application for Liferay or a number of modules if you wish for. The best thing about the modules is that they can co-operate and allow you to make applications by compiling small pieces which are easy to build, deploy, reuse or maintain.

  • Reusability: - Liferay helps you to share any subset of classes between two plugins. This is done with a mechanism named CLP which uses a magic of class loader which enables the plug ins to transfer the services to some other plug in. so, Liferay undoubtedly provides good reusability both in runtime memory and code in a number of folds. To use any reusable functionality you desire for, you just require to create one module which will have the classes you like and then deploy it. Also, with Liferay, you do not need to worry about the issue of JAR or Classpath Hell anymore.

  • Easy Maintenance and extensibility:-Any employer of Liferay development almost unanimously say that their favourite feature about Liferay is extensibility. Liferay gives you the power to customise any detail you want and to add any functionality you want. All the extension points are built upon the service model of OSGi. Tit is simple to implement the extension points as they are of Java class and Java class has one single annotation. The points of extension can now function without any changes as these are now defined through a single Java interface which use strictly Semantic Versioning Rules. During production or development, these extensions can also be removed or loaded as per your wish. A simple extension point can be built if you create an interface and if you annotate a method of setter to it along with an annotation. So, implementing extension has now become really easy with Liferay.

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